Corrugated board

Our company is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard - an ecological, practical packaging material which is easily recyclable.

Corrugated packaging

We offer a wide range of corrugated packaging for use in any field of activity - corrugated cardboard, 4-valve corrugated boxes, self- assembled boxes of complex die-cutting, internal elements for boxes like partitions, tabs, gaskets.

Design and print layout

Our experts will offer a unique design and construction of any box that will best match the shape and dimensions of its contents.


The image is applied by the method of offset or flexo printing on specialized machines. Printing can be done both by your layout and by the project developed by our designers.


Laminated packaging - box with a base of micro corrugated cardboard and decorative outer liner. Due to this, the usual packaging is converted into an original packaging or a carrier of advertising.

Cardboard corners

This is the best, most effective and most popular product protection against damage during storage or transportation.